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The good, pretty and cheap house doesn't exist, but we can create it

for you.

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Good bye to the old. Hello to the new.

Old properties, skyrocketing prices, poor quality finishings... If you are looking for a house, you know what we mean. Let us explain you how we solve it in a few steps.




Step 1.


We see potential where others don't.

Tell us what you are looking for that you can't find. The neighbourhood where you
would like to live, whether you want sea views, terrace or something special... We
manage to find a home with great potential that we can adapt to your requirements
and that, as you can see above, will be unrecognizable!


Step 2.


Tailor-made suit.

Once you have explained us your needs, the number of rooms you want, your tastes, desires... We adapt the spotted house to your requests. Now, tell us your budget and depending on it, we offer you several finishings:


Step 3.


6 months to go.

Our team take on the refurbishment in a period of less than 6 months.

In this time we go from drawings to reality.

Our guarantees:


Free estimate proposal.


Renders and 3d virtual 

reality visualization.

Qualified and specialized professionals.


Payment facilities, we help you with funding.

temps 2.png

Quick execution,

delay penalties.

1 year guarantee.


Step 4.


Welcome to your new home.

Finished. Ready to move in. With our turnkey proposal we take care of everything. Thus, you
can relax and do your own thing.

Ah! And with a closed price from the beginning, without surprises. 

We take care of everything!

Procedures and

City Hall permits.


Architectural and design proposal drawings.


Follow-up and periodic

reports of work progress.


Coordination of workers.


Material selection.


Interior design proposal.

porque nosotros




We deal with everything. That's why you save such a lot on fees. Home hunter, project
manager, builder, architect, developer, lawyer...
Moreover, as you buy the house much cheaper before the refurbishment, you save a decent
amount in taxes and real estate fees.

The approximated saving between buying a conventional house and trusting in our system is 30%.

Let's see one example of a real case studio:

Conventional system.

< Purchase price: 275.000 € >

< Purchase taxes: 27.500 € >


Although you don't pay it directly, this high price includes:

Real Estate fee: 13.750 €

Developer profit

Builder profit

Architect fee

Project Manager fee

OAM homes system. 

< Purchase price: 125.000 € >

< Purchase taxes: 12.500 € >

< Turnkey project: 75.000 € >


Real Estate fee

(included in purchase price): 6.000 €

+30% saving >

Total 302.500 €
Total 212.500 €


Like a luxury home. Like none. We pay special attention to detail, design, functionality, light,
and above all, making unique homes. Special ones.

We take our projects very seriously.

We don't want finding your new home to become a drama, a source of stress or arguments.

Let us take care of it for you.

With a fixed price from the beginning. A virtual reality experience through which you will see
the final result before starting the refurbishment. Guarantees of deadlines and quality, help with funding...


What can go wrong?





Never before was it so cheap to create a bespoke home. We offer you a tailor-made home with thousands of options in finishes and designs to choose from. The floor you wanted, a spectacular closet, the bathroom you've always dreamed of, an amazing kitchen...

Everything is possible.

In addition to the finishing packages we offer, we will be happy to discuss any special wishes
you may have. Security, home domotics... 

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